Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here comes the snow!

Get ready! We're about to be hit by yet another winter storm, this one projected to bring us anywhere from 6-12 inches of snow, depending on which forecast you read. Ugh. Another snow day. Another day spent in the house. How long until spring??

Unfortunately, Alex's surgery had to be rescheduled as the anesthesiologist did not like his snotty nose. She was concerned with the possible risks should he have some type of respitory infection, although she couldn't be sure he actually has an infection because he wouldn't allow her to listen to his chest. So, we spent an entire morning at Children's Hospital for nothing...good times. ;) We'll try again in March.

Andrew was seen again this morning by the pediatrician, just to make sure his RSV has not progressed. The doc still thinks his lungs sound pretty clear, but he sent us home with a nebulizer anyway. This should help his nose clear out so he can breathe a bit easier. I can not wait until we get rid of this crud!! Poor baby...he's a trooper, though! He still smiles and giggles for me.

I decided to be brave today and make a homemade banana bread. We have a ton of ripe bananas, but since they have brown spots Addie won't eat them. She thinks they are "dirty". Such a funny little girl! I couldn't stand to just throw them out, and since we had all the other ingredients I figured I'd give this a shot. We'll see how it turns out!

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  1. JEN! You added my blog to the ones you follow! YAY! And now I have found your blog. I have added you to my favorite blogs. If you want help with jazzing your up, not that it is not jazzy now, but you know what we talked about earlier! Just let me know~ I am leaving work so I will get caught up on your blogs later!